Thursday, 23 August 2012

Aztec Heart

I am really getting into my blogging and hope you guys are enjoying my posts!
Here's my latest post on my daily outfit, a new suede heart aztec print vest top that actually has tassels but tucked in shorts looks better on this outfit- bought from a Korean shopping trip with work. My Levi denim shorts, which I have had for years, but they never fail to look good- originally bought from Urban Outfitters vintage renewal section. The ASOS boots are my favourite pair and I wear them all the time (as you can see from the crack on the right boots) :) which I bought from eBay.

Suede Aztec top - Korean market, Denim short - Levi's, Boots - ASOS (Ebay), Tassle necklace - Accessorize, Belt - River Island


  1. your outfit looks amazing *_* your blog is very good and interesting. now im following you! follw me back :))


  2. love how your picture kicks!& those shoes are fab <3 great outfit x